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  • Paper - Royal Posthumus
Via Dante Alighieri 54

Founded in 1979, Coinard offers articles and endowments such as keyrings, emblems, coins, identifications, plaques and badges; veneer articles and comparable things, mugs and trophies, symbol for vehicle marques.

  • flags, insignia badges and trophies
  • religious articles
  • car marque insignia
  • striking medals
  • sports plaques
  • cups
  • medals
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Via Valle Po, 92, 12100 Cuneo CN, Italy

Errebi Paper, paper industry since 1977, manufactures paper for sanitary, domestic and hygiene use. We sell a wide range of products, which come in different formats and with standard packaging which complies with the client's specifications. Our clientèle mainly consists of ...

  • paper - sanitary and domestic articles
  • rolls of paper towels
  • rolls of paper for the kitchen
  • paper sheets
  • paper napkins
  • toilet paper rolls
  • paper for domestic use
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Via Col Beretta, 9, 36022 San Giuseppe VI, Italy

EVERYTHING FOR PACKAGING - PRODUCT SECURITY FOR HYGIENE AND INDUSTRIAL CLEANING. Our company specialises in products and systems for the health and safety of people and the environment. We offer you a vast choice of innovative, exclusive products that all comply ...

  • packaging materials - paper and cardboard
  • industrial cleaning products
  • packing and packaging containers
  • occupational accident prevention equipment
  • everything for packaging
  • safety shoes
  • office equipment and stationery
  • adhesive films for protecting package surfaces
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Via Ca' Zenobio 31/33

Benvenuto Mastri Vetrai in Treviso offers Artistic windows services, Glass fusion, Sand blasting, Gold leaf, Resins, Museum and Interior Furnishings, Griffes and it is open for Artistic Collaboration.

  • glassware, decorative
  • glass doors
  • tubing
  • sand decorations
  • gold leaf
  • display cases for stores
  • glass furnishings
  • glass sandblasting
  • glass melting
  • glass mosaics
  • door glass
  • glass etching
  • glass melting to drawing
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Via Cappelletta 58/60

The ICA Company (Industria Carte Adesive) offers services such as gummed paper, themosealed paper or siliconized paper for various mechanical uses, dedicated for the Italian business sector and abroad.

  • paper, packaging - manufacture
  • paper for self-adhesive labels
  • paper for plasters and medical products
  • gummed paper for packaging
  • silicon paper for the food-processing industry
  • moisteners for gummed paper
  • paper for sanitary towels
  • gummed paper
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Via Maira, 04100 Latina LT, Italy

Since 1991 VISEL ITALIANA has been designing and manufacturing electronic queuing systems for all types of requirements. Our products are used in places which sell food, the retail industry, supermarkets, banks, government departments, insurance brokers, franchises, analysis laboratories, hospitals, etc. Our ...

  • clocks and time control, industrial
  • kiosk tactile screen
  • distributor of anti-queuing systems
  • anti-queuing ticket rolls
  • electronic displays
  • digital signage
  • electronic queuing systems
  • queue management system
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Via della Repubblica, 10, 20847 Albiate MB, Italy

Agla Elettronica has been designing and manufacturing electronic displays and LED lighting systems since 1994. Our products: variable message sign panels; speed reductions signs; platform indicators and arrivals/departures indicators; car park guidance systems, free parking space information displays; green crosses for ...

  • road signs
  • shop lighting
  • led lights
  • bus station panels
  • led displays
  • speed retarders
  • totems
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43010 Trecasali PR, Italy

Machines for transforming paper and card. Specialised in the manufacture of paper and card trimmers with rotating blade and counterblade. Transverse trimmers for printed paper. Cutters-unwinders, hot melt gluing machines, winding machines. Embosser, packaging. Reem rewinders. All machines are computerised, for ...

  • web trimmers
  • paper packers
  • packaging
  • slitters
  • embossers
  • card cutting equipment
  • ream wrappers
  • roll cutters
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62027 San Severino Marche MC, Italy

Seriart G2 has built up its skills in silkscreen printing. From major industrial groups to motorbike manufacturers, including all the major names in fashion and domestic appliances. Industrial technology, with leading-edge laboratories and creativity, CADCAM 3D design, mould making with NC ...

  • silk-screen printing
  • control panels
  • self-adhesive 3d resin logos
  • self-adhesive 3d resin metal
  • industrial silkscreen printing
  • flexible self-adhesive 3d logos
  • production of labels
  • custom labels
  • polyester keyboard fascias
  • silkscreened labels
  • resin-coated labels
  • silk-screen printing with special effects
  • label
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Via Giovanni Verga 17

Manufacture of embossed cylinders for flexographic printing on paper, cardboard, plastics and special materials, Starlox ceramic cylinders and laser-engraved sleeves. Mechanically-engraved Deltor cylinders, embossed cylinders for various applications, special cylinders, anilox roller washing machinery.

  • plastics - industrial machinery and equipment
  • paper - processing machinery
  • stamping, plastics - machinery
  • chrome plating
  • chemical engraving
  • cnc milling
  • laser blanking
  • metal milling
  • metal screens
  • cleaning solutions
  • machine tools - metal machining
  • engraving, industrial - steels and metals
  • printing and setting - machinery and equipment
  • nickel-plating
  • printing and engraving of rubber and plastic
  • paper and cardboard manufacturing - machinery and equipment
  • paper - manufacturing machinery
  • photoengraving
  • photogravure machinery
  • plastics - machines and material for industry
  • metal engraving - machine tools
  • cardboard - manufacturing machinery
  • cardboard and cardboard products - processing machinery
  • composition, photocomposition and photoengraving
  • co2
  • embossers
  • interferometry
  • plastic cutting
  • galvanic chromium plating
  • anilox rollers
  • ceramic cylinders
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